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Bay Area Girls Rock Camp Turns 10

The Oakland nonprofit has become one of the country's most progressive Girls Rock Camp chapters by emphasizing accessibility and inclusion. Maggie Halliday and Grace Iyer met as tweens in 2009 through Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, an organization that offers musical training in nonjudgmental, intimately collaborative settings.…
Pressed on: Wednesday December 13, 2017

How Rexx Life Raj Went from Being a Delivery Man to Hip-Hop's Next Big Thing

Father Figure 2 reveals the Berkeley rapper's smooth, technical flow. Faraji Wright, who goes by the stage name Rexx Life Raj, has just arrived in New York City.…
Pressed on: Wednesday December 06, 2017

The M-Tet's Fresh Funk

With backgrounds in jazz, rock, and soul, members of the local quartet carry on a funky tradition in a uniquely West Coast style. Although a quartet, The M-Tet emulates a much bigger sound.…
Pressed on: Wednesday November 29, 2017

Kamaiyah's Major-Label Blues

The East Oakland rapper's breakout single asked how it'd feel to be rich. Next, she discovered the trappings of fame and the mainstream music industry. This year has been rough for Kamaiyah, the Oakland emcee with honeyed hooks and throwback swagger who garnered accolades, cosigns, and connections throughout 2016. In March, she was the only woman among XXL Magazine's "Freshman 10," a closely watched list of emerging artists that this year also included XXXTentacion, the Florida rapper accused of imprisoning and assaulting his girlfriend.…
Pressed on: Wednesday November 22, 2017

Why Aren't There More Latinx Nights in Oakland?

Venue owners and DJs say lack of consistency and promoters is partially to blame. In September, Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis played a packed, sold-out show at the New Parish, performing Latinx classics in addition to her more pop-oriented hits.…
Pressed on: Wednesday November 15, 2017

News & Opinion

A LOOK BACK: What's it like to live in Oakland?

Laurel Street Fair August 8, 2015


"One [negative news] story doesn't represent the people of Oakland. They need to be here to experience what it is."


"Working and and loving the sun."


"Living in Oakland is alot more than it's cracked up to be... on the positive side."


"I just moved back from LA and this is what I missed. You got the Oak-Landers who will always let you know who they are."


"I love it here. I feel like I'm surrounded by so much love and community."


"When I first started working here, people never said hi. But now they're mellowed out and now they say hi to me."

First Friday August 7, 2015


"I'm grateful for the opportunities to learn, to heal and to grow with and in community."

Raka Iggi

"No matter what neighbourhood you come out of, don't let negativity bring you down. Keep working for your dream. And get Iggy with it."


"Of all the places I've lived, it's the best part of the Bay. There's just so much to do."

Viva & Ian

"It's such a great mix. It's a big salad."


"Can't beat the food in Oakland. When there's diversity, there's good food."

Daria, Daniela & Wendy

"[You are looking at the face of] your future world leader."

"Los barrios no se venden."

"It's home. It's home no matter what."

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