The New Oakland?
After the 2016 Elections
Ranked-Choice Voting Results: City Council Members
At Large - REBECCA KAPLAN (incumbent winner)
Dist. 1 - DAN KALB (incumbent winner)
Dist. 3 - LYNETTE GIBSON MCELHANEY (incumbent winner)
Dist. 5 - NOEL GALLO (incumbent winner)
Dist. 7 - LARRY E. REID (incumbent winner)
Barbara Lee - US Representative, 13th Congressional District
Nancy Skinner - State Senator, 9th State Senate District
Rob Bonta - State Assembly Member, 18th Assembly District
Measure HH - Passed
Measure II - Passed
Measure JJ - Passed
Bond Measure KK - Passed
Measure LL - Passed

What's it like to live in Oakland?

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