West Oakland Neighbors
What does home mean to you? This video is on view in the special exhibition Oakland at the OMC. It gets at the heart of this important question during a time of accelerating social, economic, and demographic change in West Oakland. Src: http://museumca.org/video/west-oakland-neighbors-video

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Pressed: Friday October 21, 2016

The Internet Got Hacked Today. Should Teens Worry About Cybersecurity Too?

OK, so you don't have to be Reddit or Spotify to worry about getting hacked these days. It’s a scary world out there for anyone with a smart phone — particularly when you’re a minor.
Pressed freshly at https://youthradio.org/uncategorized/the-internet-got-hacked-today-should-teens-worry-about-cybersecurity-too/
Pressed: Friday October 21, 2016

Black Panther Party 50 Years Later: What’s Changed?

As the Black Panther Party turns 50, we take a look back at their Ten Point Program. How far have we come?
Pressed freshly at https://youthradio.org/journalism/education/black-panther-party-50-years-later-whats-changed/
Pressed: Friday October 21, 2016

What’s Up With The Race For The Millennial Vote

Whether or not millennials show up to vote could be the deciding factor in many of the battleground states. So let’s check in and see what the campaigns are doing to bring them out…or keep them home.
Pressed freshly at https://youthradio.org/journalism/politics/whats-up-with-the-race-for-the-millennial-vote/
Pressed: Friday October 21, 2016

Ask a High School Debater: Trump vs. Clinton Breaks All The Rules

"Things that would be considered absurd in high school debate are seen as norms on the national stage. Dodging questions, rhetoric rather than facts, arguing against something without offering an alternative."
Pressed freshly at https://youthradio.org/journalism/education/ask-a-high-school-debater-trump-vs-clinton-breaks-all-the-rules/
Pressed: Thursday October 20, 2016

Youth-Made Civics App Puts Facts Back Into Politics

Run 4 Prez is a race-style game where you compete against an opponent to see who gets to the White House first. Get your electoral facts wrong, and your campaign will be left in the dust. Get your facts right, and you'll out-run your competitor for the win!
Pressed freshly at https://youthradio.org/journalism/tech/youth-made-civics-app-puts-facts-back-into-politics/

Pressed: Tuesday October 18, 2016

Heavy Breathing #5 with Sofía Córdova At Starline Social Club.

Have you ever gotten so lost in the music at a club that you’re completely in tune with your body and your thoughts fade into the background? This feeling of being physically present is a key principle of meditation, which is why, for many people, nightlife can be a quasi-spiritual experience.…
Pressed freshly at http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/heavy-breathing-5-with-sofia-cordova/Content?oid=5009077
Pressed: Tuesday October 18, 2016

The Seshen At UC Theatre.

People have said The Seshen resembles a United Nations meeting because the seven-piece East Bay band is about as diverse as a small group of people can get. The ensemble, led by a husband-wife duo composed of vocalist Lalin St. Juste and bassist Aki Ehara, layers soulful vocals with psychedelic electronics and a rich tapestry of jazzy pop instrumentation.…
Pressed freshly at http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/the-seshen/Content?oid=5009054
Pressed: Tuesday October 18, 2016

Tricky and Rituals of Mine At the Independent

UK producer Tricky is one of those versatile visionaries whose work always tip-toes between pop accessibility and experimentation. The trip-hop pioneer got started in the early Nineties making dark, pared down beats and recruiting various vocalists to execute his vision — though his own whispery, chilling voice is a staple in his work.…
Pressed freshly at http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/tricky-and-rituals-of-mine/Content?oid=5009052
Pressed: Tuesday October 18, 2016

Treasure Island Music Festival Made a Valiant Attempt to Weather the Storm

Kamaiyah, Ice Cube, How to Dress Well, and Sigur Rós played in the rain despite the many delays, cancelations, and technical difficulties. Treasure Island promised one of its best lineups yet for its tenth anniversary, but severe weather literally rained on everyone's parade. Many performances were delayed or canceled, often with little communication to the public on Saturday.…
Pressed freshly at http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/treasure-island-made-a-valiant-attempt-to-weather-the-storm/Content?oid=5009029
Pressed: Tuesday October 18, 2016

Dance with Your Arms Up at 'Hairy Pits'

The mini-festival brings queer and feminist punk to San Francisco's Thrillhouse Records. When asked about their mission, the three members of San Francisco band Late Bloom — singer Riley Davis, drummer Krizta Em, and guitarist Francis Percy — modestly described themselves as "three friends supporting each other in their varied identities through music." But this humble answer is an understatement when it comes to the group's impact on the local punk scene.…
Pressed freshly at http://www.eastbayexpress.com/oakland/dance-with-your-arms-up-at-hairy-pits/Content?oid=5009025

Pressed: Friday October 21, 2016

Energy By The Numbers: An Energy Revolution

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released a new report that highlights the accelerated deployment of five clean energy technologies: [...]
Pressed freshly at http://www.ontheneweconomy.com/energy-by-the-numbers-an-energy-revolution/
Pressed: Thursday October 20, 2016

Join the fight against climate change with Mission Innovation

Join the Department of Energy, President Obama and 19 world leaders, and 28 investors from 10 countries in accelerating the [...]
Pressed freshly at http://www.ontheneweconomy.com/join-the-fight-against-climate-change-with-mission-innovation/
Pressed: Monday September 19, 2016

Growing Power’s National-International Urban and Small Farm’s Conference

Get ready for Growing Power's conference: The Growing Food and Justice for All's Intensive Leadership and Facilitator Training (ILFT) Growing [...]
Pressed freshly at http://www.ontheneweconomy.com/growing-powers-national-international-urban-and-small-farms-conference/
Pressed: Saturday September 17, 2016

Growing Food and Farmers: Best practices in growing, distribution and community building

Growing Power's National International Urban and Small Farms Conference "Lets Scale it Up! Growing Food and Farmers: Best practices in [...]
Pressed freshly at http://www.ontheneweconomy.com/growing-food-and-farmers-best-practices-in-growing-distribution-and-community-building/
Pressed: Monday September 12, 2016

Living Buildings: Thinking Outside the Pipe and other resources

If you live in any area that's prone to drought, you are already thinking about how to manage water. Here [...]
Pressed freshly at http://www.ontheneweconomy.com/living-buildings-thinking-outside-the-pipe-and-other-resources/

For sale:

Orchard Watering Can 4-piece Gardening Tools Gift Set (oakland east) $20

Orchard Watering Can Gift Set $20 Each. Includes Watering can, hand trowel, hand transplanter, and hand weeder. Habitat for Humanity Restore 9235 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94603 show contact info Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am- 6:00pm Satu [...]
Pressed freshly at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/hsd/5837934827.html
For sale:

NEW! Mohawk Hot & Heavy Secoya Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring (oakland east) $40

Secoya Hot & Heavy floating resilient tile lives up to its name. The bold, over sized formats are the hottest products in the industry and are made possible by the loose lay construction. Each jumbo plank is coated with a non-skid backing that to [...]
Pressed freshly at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/mad/5837931093.html
For sale:

SRC Commercial Floral Fefrigeration Unit - Model #FS72GD (oakland east) $1200

SRC Refrigeration gliding door floral refrigerator. The model number is FS72GD. It measures 72" wide, 76" high, and 31" deep. Works and in good condition. It comes with 3 wire shelves. Habitat for Humanity Restore 9235 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 9 [...]
Pressed freshly at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/bfd/5837934305.html
For sale:

1917 Original Victor Victrola VV-XI-A Antique Phonograph Record Player (oakland east) $895

1917 Victor Victrola in excellent working condition. Victrola is made of Mahogany wood and it's in great cosmetic shape. The model name is VV-XI-A and serial number is 415563. Habitat for Humanity Restore 9235 San Leandro St Oakland, CA 94603 (51 [...]
Pressed freshly at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/atd/5837933644.html
For sale:

Italy Design Verona Arc Dark Grey Black Leather Desk- Made in Italy (oakland east) $450

Verona Arc desk is sleek, elegant and functional. Desk top and base is covered in dark grey (almost black) leather which is protected and easy to clean. It is expertly crafted in Italy. Can be used in a residential or commercial setting. Includes Pow [...]
Pressed freshly at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/fud/5837891914.html
For sale:

Naos Italy Design Minosse Expandable Glass Slate Gray Dining Table (oakland east) $350

The Minosse Table, made in Italy by Naos, features a state of the art effortless expansion mechanism. The top for the Minosse is durable ceramic with a slate grey, minimalist look. Table can be expanded effortlessly to accommodate 3 sizes, without l [...]
Pressed freshly at http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/fud/5837891494.html